This restaurant is incredible!! My family and I came here from Grounds of Sculpture down the street and Buen Provecho maintained an equally beautiful, lively, and comfortable atmosphere.
All of the appetizers were fantastic (get the sampler!), my El Yunque salad was one of the best salads I’ve EVER eaten, and our whole group was stunned by the generous portions.
There is an obvious great attention to each and every aspect of the food, from small details in entrée presentation to the hints of cinnamon in the hibiscus tea- and these details shine through in every dish!
If I lived closer I’d be sure to come back, and I’m sure the staff would be just as welcoming then as they have been for our entire visit :) If you’re in the area, definitely stop in and give Buen Provecho a try!
— Yelp Review

Savannah, georgia

I’ve been visiting the Jersey Shore nearly every summer, even from Georgia, and had amazing meals up and down the coast, but nothing has come close to what I was served here...just outside of Trenton in Hamilton Square, NJ. I was brought here by close friends from Helmetta. We drove nearly 40 minutes, but was the wait ever worth it. This is Puerto Rican comfort food at its pinnacle. Friendly, warm service (had a lot of fun teasing the waiter who bought into the fun) , over-the-top traditional apps (ALCAPURRIAS Rellenas De Carne Molida -Stuffed Fritter Made With Taro And Green Bananas Stuffed With Ground Beef), and entrees I could not believe. It’s a BYOB establishment so we polished the meal off with a full bodied red brought by my hosts. Take the drive any time you’re within 100 miles. Flying into Newark? Take a side trip before heading elsewhere.

— Trip Advisor

Millstone, NEW JERSEY

Excellent...Great Food...Great Service...Great Atmosphere...
The best complement I can forward about the place is that their cooking exceeds almost all restaurants in Puerto Rico...I have traveled to PR for about 26 years now, have a home there and am a crazy Hungry Gringo Foodie expert on PR cooking/ local eateries and I must say Buen Provecho has almost all of them beat...Well done. We love it. And as simple it sounds, your waiters keep your water glass full without asking. That’s the way to do it...Consistently...Great place...If you are a restaurant owner and want to learn how to do it correctly. this is the place!!!
— Trip Advisor